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Sticky Buddy Review by as seen on tv

      As a pet owner, I really like this product. I have two dogs, and a few friends who are allergic, so it’s a constant battle at my house to keep pet hair off of my guest’s clothes. After a few passes with the Sticky Buddy, the pet hair was gone. It does require cleaning before another use, but it rinses off pretty easily and dries fast enough to be ready to use again within minutes.
The regular tape type of lint rollers still work really well obviously, but it gets expensive having to keep buying the tape. The Sticky Buddy can be reused several times over, without the mess of sticky tape. The Sticky Buddy brush is better at getting the pet hair which gets stuck deep in the fibers of upholstery, and the small one is perfect for removing lint from clothes. The traditional tape lint rollers always stick to everything else in what I call my "miscellaneous drawer", and the Sticky Buddy doesn’t. 


I bought one for my friend, whose cat is a shedding machine. She loves it because not only could she use it on the carpet and furniture, but she can even use it to brush her cat. And believe me, this cat does not tolerate being brushed. The Sticky Buddy easily removes her loose hair and her cat just sits back and seems to actually enjoy it. This alone has reduced the amount of cat hair in her apartment. If you are a pet owner like us, you’ll love living pet hair free thanks to the Stick Buddy.

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