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Super Beta Prostate Review - As Seen on TV

For men dealing with BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) also known as enlarged prostate, Super Beta Prostate sounds like a real miracle cure. But what is really in Super Beta Prostate and how does it work? The main active ingredient in Super Beta Prostate is the Saw Palmetto extract which is taken from the Serenoa Repens plant. This plant and its derivative extract has been used for centuries to relieve different ailments and pains. The Mayans would drink beverages infused with Saw Palmetto as a tonic for good health. Saw Palmetto is also the most popular herbal treatment for BPH in the world and has been used by millions of people world wide.

Super Beta Prostate claims to have the highest level of Saw Palmetto of any suppliment, which means you have to take less pills. They are probably the best known name for BPH treatment as everyone has seen Joe Theisman selling these pills as a miracle cure for frequent urination, but what do regular people who have tried this cure think? From most of the reviews I have read it seems that most people experience slight improvement in their symptoms and some people report huge changes in sleeping through the night and more complete emptying of the bladder. Some people noticed immediate effects while others said it took a couple of weeks before they noticed any change.

Ofcourse some people said they noticed no difference, but very few reported negative side effects with this suppliment. The most common complaints were of slight feeling of nausea during the first week of use, and at least one person said they became constipated after using Super Beta Prostate, but could not be sure that was the cause. All in all I read of no serious negative side effect reported by users. So it seems to me that with no real risks assocate with the use of Saw Palmetto and at least a chance that it could work, it seems like it might be worth trying.

According to the Mayo Clinics Website, "If you take herbal remedies [like Saw Palmetto] be sure to tell your doctor. These may help treat some of your symtoms but are generally less effective than are prescription medication." If thats the worst thing the Mayo Clinic can find to say about Saw Palmetto then it seems a pretty safe bet.

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