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Pasta Boat Review by Katie

If you love pasta, then the Pasta Boat is your kitchen must-have. It is super affordable (under $10), and easy to use. I bought my first Pasta Boat when I started cooking for the first time about a year ago. It saves time from having to wait for water to boil, and it really does what it promises. Perfect pasta every time. The cooking guide included with the Pasta Boat has the instructions for how much pasta per serving, what water level, and cooking time for each kind of pasta.

Now this can vary somewhat depending on the wattage of your microwave, and you do have to use your own judgment on some less common types of pasta. The Pasta Boat also has a great steaming feature. You can steam any kind of vegetable or fish, and potatoes work especially well. Sometimes the pasta will stick together a bit after draining, but adding just a little olive oil to the water does the trick. The Pasta Boat cooking guide also includes recipes, and the ones you definitely should check out is the steamed shrimp and cheesy mashed potatoes. The Pasta Boat can accommodate up to 8 servings, and fits in smaller microwaves.

Some other reviews I had read complained about starch sticking to the bottom because of its design, but I use mine all the time and have never had that problem. Now that there are kids in the house, I love the fact that it cooks in the microwave and saves me the worry of a little one pulling a pot of boiling water off the stove. Bottom line is, the Pasta Boat is awesome. I love mine, and I know you will too. Below is a safe, direct link to the official website. Believe me, the only thing better than the Pasta Boat, would be a hot Italian guy in your kitchen!!!

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