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Trendy Top Review as seen on tv

    Do you love those low rise jeans, but not loving the muffin top/ panty show? Then the Trendy Top is definitely for you. It’s basically a tube top that wraps around your waist, preventing any unwanted exposure when you lean forward, bend down, or lift your arms up. It’s made of 100% cotton, so the fabric is soft and non-irritating. I was doubtful that the Trendy Top would actually retain its shape after being worn and washed repeatedly, but it did. I was surprised that it not only kept its snug form, but it also smoothed everything down in front, creating a great slimming effect. Trendy Top is also really affordable. If you order today with our safe link you can be assured to get the real trendy top as seen on tv and not some cheap rip off. The TrendyTop is an idea whose time has come, and many woman will benefit from having this hanging in their closet. Although this item will be almost exclusively purchased by woman, I personally know a couple of plummers that could make good use of one of these as well. LOL

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