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Thunder Shirt Anxiety Treatment for Dogs

    This is a product I am personally familiar with as my dog suffers from anxiety issues and has always freaked out in storms. Also fire works or gunshots- any loud sounds really starts him to shaking, panting, and pacing. I always feel very sorry for the big guy as he really does seem to be genuinely panicked and it seems like it can't be good for his heart to pound so fast. When the storms are bad enough, or on the fourth of July when the fireworks are at there worst, he can go into a full blown panick attack. We have tried everything we could think of and even contacting a Vet. who told us to get a prescription for doggy Xanax. It seemed kinda extreme to put my dog on anxiety medication, but was almost ready to try it- before I heard about the Thunder Shirt for Dogs.

    Like a lot of people I did have to convince my dog to let me put it on him, but once on it fit snug and felt comfortable. There wasn't an immediate change as he continued to shake and look panicked for a while, but after a bit he laid down. That was significant because I have never seen him lay down during a storm before, he usually just paces around the house incessantly. After using it a
few times it really works like a charm. He even comes over to me if he hears wind or other signs that a storm is coming to have me put on his shirt. He honestly seems relieved when I strap the device on him and he now immediately lays down and goes to sleep! What a difference from his hours long panick attacks and neurotic pacing and panting. All of these behaviors have almost stopped all together. When an especially loud thunder strike hits he will lift his head then almost immediately seems to remember he has his Thunder Shirt on and just puts his head back down and closes his eyes.

    I can't even tell you what a relief this has been for not only our dogs, but for the whole family as well. Although our other dog does not suffer from this problem, she was also affected by his anxiety, so it really has helped everyone in the house. I wouldn't say it stopped the behavior 100%, but with my dog I definatly noticed at least an 80% reduction in his anxiety levels. While I have heard that this product does not work for all dogs, as some people have reported no effect on their dog, it seems that most people by far see some good results. I would definately say its worth a try- at least before trying prescription drugs or anything too extreme


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