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     This British production gives new meaning to the term "fantasy." It has one of the most imaginative plots ever to light up the big screen. You'd have to see it to really appreciate what it's about but, to greatly oversimplify it -- Time Bandits relates the adventures of a young boy who is taken along by six dwarfs (who come out of his bedroom closet) on a trip through several holes in the space-time fabric, visiting various periods of history.


    The dwarfs were given the job by "The Supreme Being" of mending those holes but, instead, they steal the map showing the locations of the holes and use the passages to travel through time, stealing historic treasures. At the court of King Agememnon the boy is well treated and would like to remain there for good, but the dwarfs whisk him away to other times and places. He eventually gets back to his house in England but his parents suffer a strange fate that is a result of his time travels. The cast includes Sean Connery, John Cleese, Shelly Duval, Ralph Richardson and David Warner. This highly entertaining film is not suitable for children below middle school age. 
1981, Produced & Directed by Terry Gilliam.

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