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Topsy Turvy  as seen on tv

Topsy Turvy is a great product, especially for those like me who aren’t the best gardener, and who don’t have a lot of space for a garden. This product hangs easily from most patios or apartment balconies, and is easy to set up. I like how Topsy Turvy keeps plants away from insects, particularly the more destructive ones like slugs, so pesticides aren’t necessary.

My plants were fuller and bloomed more flowers than ground grown, so I didn’t need fertilizer either. Topsy Turvy makes it easy to grow organic tomatoes, which are really expensive to buy in the stores. Good for my health and my wallet! But the best part about Topsy Turvy is NO WEEDS!! As someone who hates pulling weeds, this was a huge plus. I did notice that Topsy Turvy requires frequent watering because it dried out fairly easily. It was also really heavy when filled with soil and water. If you want to try Topsy Turvy, make it worth your while by getting the Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree with it. It makes it much easier to hang, and offers far sturdier support. Ordering both is still so inexpensive, and you’ll be eating juicy delicious organic tomatoes all summer long!

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