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Total Pillow Review as seen on tv

I bought the Total Pillow a few weeks ago and have been using it on a daily basis on the bus and at work. It is the perfect pillow for napping while sitting up- like you would on the bus or at your desk. I love the soft feel of the Total Pillow and have found it to be the most comfortable pillow I have ever used for napping on the bus. I thought the Total Pillow was a good value and would recomend to anyone looking for a convenient back pillow or easy travel pillow for busses, planes, or just long car trips- as long as your not driving! The nice thing about the Total Pillow is that it keeps its shape, whether you fold it in half for neck support or twist it to use as a lumbar support the Total Pillow stays how you want it. We gave the total pillow four out of five stars for value and usability. The basic Total Pillow comes in blue, but their are several other colors available for the Total Pillow. If your looking for a pillow to sleep on at night check out our review for the Sobakowa Pillow, which is fantastic for lying down.

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