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I bought a treadmill over a year ago and unfortunately after just a few miles of use it just gathered dust and dried towels.  I have never been one to exercise just for the sake of exercising- it is just too boring.  But exercise was something that I really needed- I was up to almost 270 pounds and my doctor was starting me on medication for high blood pressure and my blood sugar was just one point below pre-diabetic.  I spent several hours a day at my computer- which just made things worse with all the sitting.

Sitting at my computer desk looking across the room at the dusty treadmill I thought there must be a way to combine the two and so I searched on Google for treadmill and desk.  The first few entries were for a desk that you could build yourself that would fit over your treadmill.  They would send you the plans for a few dollars- but I knew how that would end.  But further down the page I saw that somebody would sell me a desk designed for fitting over a treadmill- and it was already built- just requiring some assembly.

It seemed pricy- but with open-heart surgery running to the 10s of thousands of dollars it didn’t seem so bad in comparison.  I read the reviews and decided to give it a try.  I figured I need to go all-in to make it work so I put my computer desk out at the curb for big-trash day and setup my office over my treadmill.  I started off with the suggested 1-mile-per-hour speed and no incline but pretty quickly decided on 2 mph as the right speed for me.  I could talk on the phone without getting out of breath at that speed.  I could also touch-type and use my mouse with no problem.  But what about gaming?

Back then I played a First Person Shooter Games and had gotten to be pretty good.  That worked really well with the treadmill and desk and as my stamina improved and I started losing weight I moved my speed up to 2.2 mph at 2% incline.  It was just enough to get a little sweaty after an hour of playing.  And best of all- at the end of an hour, or even an hour and a half, I wasn’t aware of having done the walking- just of the playing.  We would play most nights for over an hour. 

And after a couple months of this, but not only this, I also worked on not eating fast food and on having healthier snacks I found myself losing weight- 5 to 10 pounds a month.  That was pretty much back in September and now (in March) I am over 40 pounds lighter.  My blood pressure has improved, my blood sugar is lower and I am up to 2.3 mph and 7% incline for 1 to 2 hours at a session without getting tired.  Went with the family to climb Enchanted Rock near Austin last weekend and found myself scurrying up the 450 foot elevation with my kids- but when we looked back my wife was sweating and saying her heart was pounding so fast she had to rest.  That used to be me.

I still have another 40 pounds to lose before I get to a good weight for me.  With five to seven miles a day on the treadmill while I work and play I am confident I can achieve that over the next year.   What improvements could you make with four hours a day sitting turned into four hours a day walking?

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