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Ulysses Movie Review

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Ulysses with Kirk Douglas

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    Homer's epic tale of the years-long voyage home for Ulysses and his group of Trojan War veterans. They encounter a sorceress, a one-eyed giant, sirens (whose singing can drive men mad) and other magical beings. When he finally arrives home, Ulysses (Kirk Douglas) finds his wife auditioning suitors who are anxious to replace him. He disguises himself as another suitor. The test of archery skill eliminates all the suitors but Ulysses, who then reveals his true identity. Ulysses features lots of creative visual effects and solid performances by the supporting cast, mostly Italian actors. 
    The voyage of Ulysses and his crew took several years, even though they never went beyond the Eastern Mediterranean. Because Homer's works are not history, per se, but are based on actual historic events, a lot of time and effort has been expended in the last century or so in trying to identify all the locales where the events of their voyage, such as their encounter with one-eyed Polyphemus, would have taken place. So far, there is little consensus.

1955, Directed by Mario Camerini

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