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Dont let an accident ruin a friendship


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    Pets are great to have in a family. Americans have been devoted pet lovers since colonial times and spend an incredible amount of money every year on their dogs and cats. What is not so great is the reality that pets often deposit urine around the house. This has been tough to deal with in the past, but URINE GONE has an effective solution. Spray it on and the the enzyme action breaks down the urine, eliminating stains and odors. A lingering urine odor can also induce a pet to urinate again at that spot or nearby. 


    User reports indicate the product works better on newer stains. Old stains can be more resistant to elimination, requiring a heavier application. One nice thing about this product is that it includes a black light device (similar to what is used in forensic science) that shows whether the stain is completely gone. Many users had requested the availability of refills, so a complete kit didn’t have to be purchased each time. Refills are now available from Amazon. A caution -- If used on a hard-surface floor, the spray leaves an oily film that needs to be mopped up to avoid a slippery spot that could cause a fall.

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