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Volcano E-Cig Review

Volcano Electronic Cigarette Review


 Starter kit
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 $23 - $75


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  3 - 4 hrs
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A more inexpensive alternative for people looking to just try out esmoking is the Volcano brand electronic cigarettes. They are located in Hawaii and use all USA made ejuice. With its more affordable starter kits and fairly good products, volcano eltric cigarettes are now for styleish affordability. The black batteries and red filters will definately get you noticed walking down the street or in a night club. We found the overall product to be good, but did not like the airflow of the volcano as much as some other brands. Too much air flow means needing to take a longer drag to get proper vapor production, or cover a couple of the air holes with your fingers which can get tiresome. Overall we recomend this product for ecig beginners who are looking to just try electronic cigarettes. Their isn't a cheaper starter kit on the market than the Volcano Express Starter Kit and right now you can save 25% off that price with a Volcano Ecig Coupon from Epic Review.

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We gave the Volcano Electronic Cigarette 4 out of 5 stars, but keep in mind that at least one star of that is based on price. We would probably give it a 3 star rating, but I felt you had to add a star based on just how affordable their product is. Plus Volcano is a well established company with good customer support and their all USA made flavor line-up makes up fore the lack of vapor and throat hit. At least with Volcano you can try the kit for under $20.00 (with coupon) and if you dont like it or want to try something different, but at least your not out any sizeable investment.

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