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WalkFit Platinum Review as seen on tv

    WalkFit Platinum are orthopedic insoles which are designed to relieve knee, hip, and lower back pain by realigning the spine and pelvic area, and distributing weight evenly across your foot. WalkFit Platinum also reduces painful burning, callouses, bunions, and corns. The Platinum is the improved model featuring a new gel pad, reflexology massage insert, and anti-bacteria technology. I tried the Walk Fit Platinum insoles, and at first they really hurt my feet. Once I broke them in (it took a little over a week), they were pretty comfortable. I noticed that I could stand for longer periods of time without getting that dull ache in my lower back. This product also helps relieve muscle spasms, discomfort associated with flat feet and even improves posture. The gel insert absorbs the shock waves with each step reducing the impact on knee joints. 

    The WalkFit Platinum comes with 3 customizable arch inserts, which isn’t included in other brands of orthopedic insoles. This lets you really get the exact size you need. Once you break them in and they are comfortable, you may start to notice foot pain a few months later. Just readjust the arch inserts and you’re good to go. Another great feature of the WalkFit Platinum insoles is the Bacteriostatc Silver technology, which inhibits the growth the fungus and bacteria that causes other insoles to become smelly or cause athlete’s foot. The WalkFit Platinum is great for anyone with back, knee, hip or podiatry issues, or anyone who stands or walks for long periods of time at their job. It’s also a wonderful thoughtful gift for someone you care about. WalkFit Platinum comes with a lifetime replacement warranty, and a 30 day money back guarantee. You can choose various sizes, in both men’s and women’s. Use the safe direct link below to look at the official WalkFit Platinum website.

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