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Yoshi Blue Non-Stick Pan Review as seen on tv

    If you’re addicted to kitchen gadgets like me, then you’ll love the Yoshi Blu Non-Stick Pan. This is another non-stick surface pan similar to the Orgreenic, but with a unique non-stick coating. This is one of the most competitive new pans on the market today, as is the Orgreenic non-stick pan. Ever since the warnings about teflon hit the new about a decade ago, companies have been racing to be the first to find the next big non-stick coating for pans. I really like the Orgreenic with its ceramic coating and was curious whether this Yoshi Blue would work as well. It uses patented nano-ceramic technology and pulverized diamond particles to create one of the slickest surfaces you’ve ever cooked with. 
The best part about the Yoshi Blue Non-Stick Pan, is that you don’t even need oil, butter or cooking spray! This means you can cook healthier meals without the added calories and mess of oils. I found however, that not using any oil or spray does reduce flavor a little bit, but I compensated for that by still adding a little butter and more spices or herbs. It is super easy to clean; just a paper towel wipes out any remaining food in the pan. This makes it easy to reuse the pan immediately without having to dirty up two pans. If you order from the manufacturer directly, see the safe link below, then your purchase will also include a glass venting lid.  I thought the price was very competitive, and the shipping is quick and inexpensive. Use the safe link below to order yours.

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