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HP Officejet 8600 Pro Review

    For the first time in many years we have only one printer in our home. It took a fast, wireless, economical, AirPrint compatible, multifunction Officejet 8600 Pro to accomplish that. We got ours on sale for $149 and it has really proved to be a bargain.

    Before the HP Officejet 8600 Pro we had two printers that we contorted ourselves around to get printed what needed to be printed. My printer was a Samsung multifunction monochrome laser. Fast and cheap per page. My wife had an old HP inkjet printer that was slow and expensive- but it could do color. We tried at one point hooking them up to a router that was supposed to be able to function as a print server- but it had all kind of problems. So we ended up either carrying the printers to computer they needed to print from, or if it was a standard document we would email it to the other person and wait for them to get home and print it. Fortunately they both were low on toner/ink at the same time earlier this year and I thought surely there had to be a better solution.

    We considered a color laser multifunction printer- but they are so expensive as is the replacement color toner. We considered getting two printers again- one of each type- but with built-in wi-fi. Again, a lot of money and I was concerned that with us mostly printing to the cheaper laser printer that the the inkjet printheads might dry up. Then I found a PC World article mentioning a truly "affordable" ink jet printer. And the reviews for it looked great. When I saw that it would work with AirPrint (for iPads and iPhones) and that the black XL replacement cartridge cost about $36 and would do 2300 pages- I was sold.

    It regularly sells for $199, but we got one on sale for $149. There was nothing confusing in the setup. Putting it together I was amazed that I could get an automatic document feeder and a duplexer for that price. Setting up the wi-fi on printers can be a pain- sometimes you need to temporarily connect the printer to a computer via USB, or else it only works automatically if your router has a WPS button- if you don’t have that you are out of luck. But this wi-fi setup for the HP Officejet 8600Pro was a breeze. There is a touch-enabled screen on the front of the printer and you simply select tools, network, wi-fi and when you see your network in the list you enter the passphrase on the touchpad and it is done.

    And the wi-fi connection is good- it hasn’t dropped yet. And the printer stays in a low power sleep mode most of the time- you just need to send it a print job and in a couple of seconds the screen lights up and it starts to print. Reviews for some other printers mentioned problems with the device waking from sleep mode via wi-fi but that has never been an issue for us.

    The ink cartridges that come with the printer are the typical "starter" cartridges that have less than half the ink of the regular refill cartridge. Even so, we printed regularly for several months before needing to replace the first cartridge. And there are color cartridges so you don’t need to throw away the rest of your red and yellow just because the cyan ran out. Economical again- that is what I like.

    AirPrint works great. Scanning across the network to either computer works fine. It prints fast and sharp. It slices, it dices- the HP Officejet 8600 Pro is the only printer you’ll need. Thanks for ready my HP Officejet 8600 Pro Review, for more Tech Gadget Reviews check here.

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